#11949 NORM 12.2.0: XO-1.75 os14 runin, post fail response, hang instead of reboot

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#11949: XO-1.75 os14 runin, post fail response, hang instead of reboot
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 On a runin failure (in this case on a unit without a camera), after runin
 has saved the logs the reboot does not happen.

 Last output on serial console is
 [   58.907919] runin-tests: fail marker spotted in fail.log
 [   62.282746] PID=382 , name=X exits
 [   62.286132] GC memory usage profile:
 [   62.299560] Total reserved video memory: 65535 KB
 [   62.304226] Used video mem: 0 KB     contiguous: 0 KB        virtual: 0
 [   63.335635] runin-main: reboot

 The ul-warning screen is visible.

 Pressing the game keys causes the ul-warning screen to disappear and

 No response from serial port.  Apparently there is no shell.

 Ctrl/Alt/F1 shows "[  OK  ] Reached target Shutdown." and the immediately
 previous messages show an apparently successful shutdown.

 But the power remains on.

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