#11938 NORM Not Tri: Nautilus has a hidden depednancy on eject

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Thu Jun 14 09:41:47 EDT 2012

#11938: Nautilus has a hidden depednancy on eject
 Reporter:  greenfeld      |                 Owner:  martin.langhoff
     Type:  defect         |                Status:  new            
 Priority:  normal         |             Milestone:  Not Triaged    
Component:  gnome-desktop  |               Version:  not specified  
 Keywords:                 |           Next_action:  diagnose       
 Verified:  0              |   Deployment_affected:                 
Blockedby:                 |              Blocking:                 
 1. Start GNOME on an XO-1.75 with 12.1.0 os13.
  2. Insert a USB stick.  Nautilus should pop up showing the USB stick's
  3. In the sidebar of Nautilus, click on the eject button/icon next to the
 USB stick's name.
  4. An error message will appear stating "Error ejecting /dev/sda: Error
 spawning command-line `eject "/dev/sda"': Failed to execute child process
 "eject" (No such file or directory)".

 This likely also should be reported upstream if there isn't an obvious
 workaround I'm missing.

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