#11730 NORM 11.3.1: Libertas: command timeout, does not recover

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Wed Jun 6 11:55:03 EDT 2012

#11730: Libertas: command timeout, does not recover
           Reporter:  martin.langhoff  |       Owner:  dilinger     
               Type:  defect           |      Status:  closed       
           Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  11.3.1       
          Component:  kernel           |     Version:  not specified
         Resolution:  fixed            |    Keywords:               
        Next_action:  diagnose         |    Verified:  0            
Deployment_affected:                   |   Blockedby:               
           Blocking:                   |  

Comment(by greenfeld):

 Replying to [comment:5 dsd]:
 > Has this been tested? Last time I ran this on 3.0 it caused hard
 crashes. I think it needs (needed?) more bits from 3.3.

 What needs to be done to reproduce the crash conditions?  And is this in a
 noisy or quiet 802.11/2.4 GHz environment?

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