#11810 LOW Future : clutter_init causes segmentation fault

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#11810: clutter_init causes segmentation fault
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Comment(by dsd):

 I discussed this with clutter developers on their IRC channel. Summary:

 clutter does require cogl, which uses OpenGL. We don't have any OpenGL
 support in our images (either software or hardware based).

 Installing mesa-dri-drivers installs swrast_dri (a software OpenGL
 implementation). On x86, this works (slowly): totem and cheese come back
 to life, but perform badly (unusable).

 On ARM, this doesn't work due to LLVM issues
 (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=829020). Falling back to the
 non-LLVM swrast, totem and cheese work but perform terribly (worse than
 unusable). (note that glx is currently disabled in xorg.conf - this must
 be enabled before testing)

 The reason for bad performance is that totem and cheese both use clutter
 for video display. They do this because it means more video processing is
 done on the GPU (on systems with 3D accel) and it is also nicer API-wise.
 This means that we lose out on our hardware-accelerated video playback, it
 all goes through software (i.e. through the mesa software OpenGL

 The developers explained it was a conscious decision to focus on cards
 with 3D accel, hurting platforms without 3D (even if they have good Xv).
 So it seems unlikely that they would readd Xv support.

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