#11847 HIGH -: Firmware q2f10: Test Hardware: If fails power off

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#11847: Firmware q2f10: Test Hardware: If fails power off
           Reporter:  earias               |       Owner:  quozl at laptop.org    
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Replying to [comment:10 reuben]:
 > I like this alternative idea. A common request is a report at the end of
 testing summarizing all tests passed or showing which tests failed.

 Thanks.  Please test http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/q2f11jg.rom

 This version displays the overall result of the automatic tests like this:

 ||'''overall result'''||'''boxes'''||'''selected
 ||pass||all boxes are green||the quit menu item||testing is complete||
 ||fail||at least one box is red, the rest are green||the play menu item||a
 need to test again||

 It does not power off unless directed to do so.

 For testing of the logic, the following can be used:
 ok : xf  ( -- )  cr type 0 true  ;  \ make a no-operation test
 ok patch xf (mfg-test-dev) mfg-test-dev  \ use it for menu testing
 ok patch xf (mfg-test-dev) gfx-test-dev  \ use it for menu testing
 ok patch c8 7d0 mfg-test-result  \ decrease delay after test success
 ok patch 32 c8 play-item  \ decrease delay between tests in menu

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