#12013 LOW Not Tri: Need flag to probe around while runin is running

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Mon Jul 16 10:05:59 EDT 2012

#12013: Need flag to probe around while runin is running
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 Historically it has been suggested that we should run "flock
 /runin/suspend.lock -c bash" over serial to modify/look at things while
 runin is running.

 But the accelerometer test does not like if we spend too much time probing
 around with the suspend lock held, and will cause the XO to reboot:

 [43092.785262] !!Fail detected!!
 [43092.812064] FAIL: accelerometer: suspend lock hung
 [43093.155731] Runin exit: 13:58:16 : 1342447096 : 64170.79 :
 [43093.178069] /usr/bin/xinit: connection to X server lost

 Ideally there should be a way to hold the suspend lock to do debugging
 without causing the accelerometer test to fail.  Perhaps this could be
 accomplished by adding an extra flag file asking the accelerometer test to
 skip a cycle.

 Seen with 12.1.0 os18.

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