#11994 BLOC 12.1.0: runin-gtk crashes with segmentation fault

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Sun Jul 15 00:35:36 EDT 2012

#11994: runin-gtk crashes with segmentation fault
           Reporter:  greenfeld  |       Owner:  Quozl                            
               Type:  defect     |      Status:  new                              
           Priority:  blocker    |   Milestone:  12.1.0                           
          Component:  kernel     |     Version:  Development build as of this date
         Resolution:             |    Keywords:                                   
        Next_action:  code       |    Verified:  0                                
Deployment_affected:             |   Blockedby:                                   
           Blocking:             |  

Comment(by dsd):

 I found that a quicker way to reproduce this is to store the answer to the
 cos calculation before entering the loop, and then check the newly
 calculated result against the answer on every loop iteration. The
 calculation is wrong a lot more often than the application actually

 I used this to test the patchset linked to by jnettlet; this didn't seem
 to make any difference. Looking at the patches, I think it makes sense,
 since I think the patches just move around existing code without really
 changing behaviour.

 I tried the "ARM: vfp: Always save VFP state in vfp_pm_suspend" patch to
 linked by James, which certainly smells like what we're seeing, and I
 found that it fixed the problem. I left it for around 6 hours testing

 So I've pushed this to arm-3.0-wip.

 The next step is to test this against the original bug (runin window
 disappearance). James and Sam, please could you set up some machines to

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