#12008 NORM Not Tri: Linux does not boot with Q4D20 on certain models

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Wed Jul 11 02:18:29 EDT 2012

#12008: Linux does not boot with Q4D20 on certain models
 Reporter:  Quozl                |                 Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com   
     Type:  defect               |                Status:  new                 
 Priority:  normal               |             Milestone:  Not Triaged         
Component:  ofw - open firmware  |               Version:  Development firmware
 Keywords:                       |           Next_action:  diagnose            
 Verified:  0                    |   Deployment_affected:                      
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 Reported by Quanta.  System does not boot, with following serial console

 OLPC 1C1, 800 MHz, 1 GiB memory, 8 GB internal storage, S/N SHC143009A9
 OpenFirmware  Q4D20   EC Firmware 0.5.00   2012-07-11 05:54:25 UTC
 WARNING!  OS image much smaller than internal storage device

 Type the Esc key to interrupt automatic startup
 Boot device: /sd/disk at 3:\boot\olpc.fth  Arguments:
 Boot device: /sd at d4280000/disk at 3:\boot\vmlinuz  Arguments: ttyS2
 Loading ramdisk image from /sd at d4280000/disk at 3:\boot\initrd.img ...
 Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel.

 ||model||sku||firmware||operating system||boot test||
 ||1b4 ||sku199 ||q4d20 ||11.3.1 build 885 ||pass||
 ||1c1 ||sku202 ||q4d20 ||11.3.1 build 885 ||fail||
 ||1c1 ||sku202 ||q4d20 ||12.1.0 build 17 ||fail||
 ||1c2 ||1ghz test unit||q4d20 ||11.3.1 build 885 ||fail||
 ||1c2 ||1ghz test unit||q4d18 ||11.3.1 build 885 ||pass||
 ||1c2 ||1ghz test unit||q4d20 ||12.1.0 build 17 ||fail||
 ||1c2 ||1ghz test unit||q4d18 ||12.1.0 build 17 ||pass||

 Q4D20 was released after being tested on SKU199 only, most other units
 were in runin testing of 12.1.0.

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