#11994 NORM Not Tri: Runin progression information may disappear or be overwritten

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#11994: Runin progression information may disappear or be overwritten
           Reporter:  greenfeld              |       Owner:  Quozl                            
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          Component:  manufacturing process  |     Version:  Development build as of this date
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Thanks.  The progress and text information window is provided by the
 ''runin-gtk'' python script.

 Does the ''runin-gtk'' window return?

 Please capture runin logs from a system which does this.  In particular,
 run.log will contain the stderr output from ''runin-gtk'', and gtk.log
 will contain the stdout output.

 xsetroot is used by ''runin-sus'' to change the background between black
 and blue.  It is meant to only change the background; the root window of
 the X server.  There's no way to program the X server to place the root
 window above an application window in the stacking order, so it isn't
 likely to be related to the blue background.

 It is most likely that the symptom you report correlates with a
 termination of the ''runin-gtk'' script.

 The script is also terminated during runin completion.  I would be
 interested to know if the ''runin-gtk'' window shows "Stopping" just
 before it disappears.  If so, it implies that the remainder of runin
 completion is not proceeding.

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