#11984 NORM Future : Re-implement click-to-flash in Browse using DOM access

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Tue Jul 3 18:30:21 EDT 2012

#11984: Re-implement click-to-flash in Browse using DOM access
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 (Filing at OLPC rather than Sugar because the bulk of the work needed is
 to be done in webkit, not sugar)

 As Browse has been moved to WebKit we have lost the "click-to-flash"
 mechanism we used to ship.

 At http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/3613 Manuel has identified that we can
 achieve the same effect by modifying the DOM, however
 webkit_dom_event_target_add_event_listener is not available to
 introspected bindings.

 This looks like it should be quite easy - perhaps just adding some basic
 annotations to the relevant code in webkit:

 (In the mean time, for 12.1.0, we will ship a Gnash config change enabling
 Gnash's own "click-to-play" mechanism. This is not ideal because it won't
 work for adobe flash...)

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