#11596 NORM Not Tri: Distance reports very wrong distances on XO-1.75

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#11596: Distance reports very wrong distances on XO-1.75
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 Comment from Barry Vercoe:

 Such variance can be caused by echoes (the audio signal bouncing between 2
 screens that are strictly parallel).  I've seen this problem with ultra-
 sound, for instance.  The variations won't be strict multiples, since
 there are audio I/O buffer times (in and out), along with processing times
 in the loop.  Presuming I/O buffer times X and Y respectively (possibly
 different) and processing time P, the code will likely subtract X+Y+P from
 the single perceived round trip.  For echo bounces, this subtraction is
 not appropriate, giving 2D - (X+Y+P), 4D -(X+Y+P), etc.

 I've not looked at the code, but a quick glance should make all apparent.
 Of course, with a faster processor, the P time should be made smaller.  I
 wonder if that's the source of problems for the 1.5?  This will be
 exacerbated in the 1.75 and XO 3.

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