#11654 NORM 1.75-ha: Lag displaying SVG in Cairo

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Fri Feb 24 15:10:16 EST 2012

#11654: Lag displaying SVG in Cairo
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 I see a lag of ~2.7 seconds displaying a SVG with Cairo.  For the same
 image, 1.5 takes 0.01 seconds.

 A simple test case app is attached.

 Bug related: #11456 "The animal of TypingTurtle is not smooth"

 If I apply the attached patch to Clock activity, latest git, which
 ports the drawing operations to Cairo, I get a lag while displaying
 the "nice clock", which is an SVG graphic.

 In 1.5, the clock updates properly every 1 sec.  In 1.75, it updates
 every 5-7 secs, that is a huge lag.

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