#11633 NORM Not Tri: suspend/resume cycle resets ethtool's setting for eth0

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Wed Feb 15 04:23:52 EST 2012

#11633: suspend/resume cycle resets ethtool's setting for eth0
 Reporter:  jvonau                  |                 Owner:  pgf                                         
     Type:  defect                  |                Status:  new                                         
 Priority:  normal                  |             Milestone:  Not Triaged                                 
Component:  power manager (powerd)  |               Version:  1.75/1.5/1.0 Software Build os883 aka 11.3.0
 Keywords:                          |           Next_action:  never set                                   
 Verified:  0                       |   Deployment_affected:                                              
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 I noticed upon viewing "ethtool eth0" would show "Wake-on: d" while
 enabling tracing the trace file shows "ethtool -s eth0 wol u". The
 function set_wake_on_wlan() note 3 in powerd states that is might be a
 bug. I then copied the contents of the yes condition to a file in
 postresume.d, this corrected the issue when resuming. Think this might be
 a good way to ensure a stable environment. The problem is this doesn't
 take into account the status of WAKE_ON_WLAN in the config file. Can files
 in postresume.d inherent variables from powerd upon execution?

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