#12427 NORM Future : ping only works as root

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#12427: ping only works as root
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Comment(by greenfeld):

 There likely is a reasonably straightforward solution (*), but not one we
 may be willing to take on this date.

 We just need to tell tar, rsync, and cp in our build & upgrade scripts to
 preserve extended attributes.  Our kernel/filesystem configs (at least on
 XO-1 & 1.5) seem to already have the necessary support in place.

 For example, tar has the --acls, --selinux, and --xattrs flags, and rsync
 has --acls & --xattrs.

 This presumes the OS preparing & rsync-serving servers are also configured
 in Linux to support these flags.  Unfortunately requesting preservation
 and/or restoration of extended attributes on filesystems/OS's which do not
 support them tends just to lead to warnings.

 (*) Besides adding "/usr/sbin/setcap cap_net_raw=p /bin/ping" to olpc-
 configure; that would work too.

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