#12413 NORM 13.1.0: [CL4] The Jukebox hung up when play OGG file.

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#12413: [CL4] The Jukebox hung up when play OGG file.
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 I tested this in different XOs and I got different results. I'm thinking
 that this is an issue in the Audio Driver instead of in Jukebox.

 I didn't have any problem on XO-1.75 (os19) and XO-1.5 (os16). I was able
 to reproduce this .ogg file (and others) with Jukebox and Browse without
 making the Activity to crash.

 On XO-4(C1) I had some troubles trying to play this ogg file and others as
 well. The first time that I open Jukebox and I add the ogg file (or click
 on it from the Journal) I can play it, but the audio quality is not so
 good. I'm able to click on Pause/Play and seek with the seeker bar.

 The second time that I open Jukebox, sometimes, the audio do not start
 playing and Jukebox gets freeze. I have to kill it from the Terminal
 Activity. Here, if I open the ogg file with Browse from the Journal,
 Browse crash as well. But it does play the audio file if I use Browse the
 first time.

 Sometimes the crash does not occur in the second time that I open Jukebox,
 sometimes it happens in the third or fourth or...

 There is nothing useful in Jukebox nor Browse logs.

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