#12421 NORM Not Tri: Browse: touchsreen scrolling causes jump to end of page

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Sat Dec 22 15:54:25 EST 2012

#12421: Browse: touchsreen scrolling causes jump to end of page
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 this might be a dup of another touchscreen bug, but i can't find it if so.

 using Browse, in os19, with neonode firmware 0.0.8.   scrolling works
 fine, must of the time, but sometimes after a pause in usage, it will
 cease to respond.  multiple swipes, both up and down, do nothing, and then
 suddenly the page jumps to the bottom.  (i was browsing cnn.com, if that
 makes a difference.)

 i'm not sure where to assign this.  i'll look at debug output when i get a
 chance, to be sure it's not a driver issue, and reassign upward if not.

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