#12404 NORM 13.1.0: Request inclusion of Physics-11 into 13.1.0

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Mon Dec 17 20:27:34 EST 2012

#12404: Request inclusion of Physics-11 into 13.1.0
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 Request inclusion of released Physics-11 into 13.1.0

 This is a release of Physics-11 to fix SL#4193 (editing activity title
 blocks simulation from running) for landing in the 13.1.0 release. It's
 been tested on an XO-4 running 13.1.0 build 19 (I don't have an XO-1 or
 XO-1.75 available for testing).

 == Source ==


 == Bundle ==


 == News ==

 - Fix toolbar activity title input so it does not stop the physics
 simulation from running (affected pre-release 13.1.0 build) SL#4193
 - Included latest text translations from pootle

 Note: Physics version 11 is for Sugar 0.98 and should not be installed on
 earlier releases (and the ASLO upload has been marked as such)

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