#12329 LOW 13.1.0: GNOME Battery icon does not appear while charging

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Mon Dec 17 05:58:07 EST 2012

#12329: GNOME Battery icon does not appear while charging
           Reporter:  greenfeld      |       Owner:  dsd                              
               Type:  defect         |      Status:  new                              
           Priority:  low            |   Milestone:  13.1.0                           
          Component:  gnome-desktop  |     Version:  Development build as of this date
         Resolution:                 |    Keywords:                                   
        Next_action:  diagnose       |    Verified:  0                                
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Comment(by dsd):

 The icons themselves are exactly the same between the 2 releases, except
 for the one icon changed in the above commit.

 The gnome-panel side seems OK here - it receives black icon data and so
 renders it as black.

 The problem seems to be on the gnome-settings-daemon side. It creates this
 icon by passing a GIcon to GtkStatusIcon.

  * GtkStatusIcon creates a GtkImage with gtk_image_new()
  * When rendering the pixbuf, it calls gtk_widget_get_style_context() on
 the image to get the style context
  * then calls gtk_icon_info_load_symbolic_for_context() to render the
 pixbuf with the foreground color determined by the context

 Need to figure out exactly how that default style context is determined,
 and how to adjust it for this case.

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