#12382 LOW 4-hardw: touchscreen cable visible from user operating positions

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Mon Dec 10 16:58:07 EST 2012

#12382: touchscreen cable visible from user operating positions
 Reporter:  Quozl     |                 Owner:  wad       
     Type:  defect    |                Status:  new       
 Priority:  low       |             Milestone:  4-hardware
Component:  hardware  |               Version:  4-C1      
 Keywords:            |           Next_action:  reproduce 
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 The touchscreen cable makes an excursion toward the display area of the
 screen, approaching it at 45 degrees, then turning back away from the
 display area in a 90 degree fold, and a tip of the 90 degree fold was
 visible before disassembly.

 The cable is least visible with the eyes perpendicular to the display, and
 most visible with the eyes almost perpendicular to the the light guide

 XO-4 C1 SKU296 SHC247006C2

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