#12370 NORM 13.1.0: No mouse interaction possible after bootup

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#12370: No mouse interaction possible after bootup
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 Having flashed os16 on an XO4 I booted it fine the first time and
 shutdown. Then in the second boot I see the following:

 - The machine comes up with the mouse cursor visible, but I can not move
 it with the trackpad

 - using touch to interact does work, as we have the 'hide-cursor-on-touch'
 code in place after the first time of using touch the mouse cursor is
 hidden and as well does not come back anymore

 - going to the Terminal and check the logs: I do use 'less' to have a look
 at /var/log/messages and after I used the up key a few times to scroll it
 keeps on scrolling and scrolling and scrolling...

 - after a while I manage to close 'less' and now events seem to be
 stacked, I try to switch to a virtual console or another view but things
 take long and I figure that things seem to be stacked, I try to run 'top'
 in the virtual console but it is typed in the Neighbourhood search a few
 minutes later after a few more tries to switch

 - shutting down, booting again, mouse is back

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