#12343 HIGH 13.1.0: Scratch cannot start on x86

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#12343: Scratch cannot start on x86
           Reporter:  greenfeld         |       Owner:  dsd                              
               Type:  defect            |      Status:  assigned                         
           Priority:  high              |   Milestone:  13.1.0                           
          Component:  scratch-activity  |     Version:  Development build as of this date
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        Next_action:  diagnose          |    Verified:  0                                
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Comment(by godiard):

 More comments:

 * Using the image from the rpm compiled, show in the about box "Scratch
 1.4 (Linux) of 2-Dec-11" and a note about it is released under the GPL v2.

 * I have modified the scratch-activity script to use the Scratch.image
 packaged. All is working except we can't access the Journal, and recording
 audio crashes with this error in the log:

 squeakvm: /builddir/build/BUILD/Squeak-
 sound-OSS/sqUnixSoundOSS.c:355: dspOpen: La declaración `dsp->fd < 0' no
 se cumple.

 If I add the option -vm-sound-ALSA in the scratch-activity script, the
 activity does not crash, but show a message "a primitive has failed".

 I have tested etoys, and record sound crash the vm too.

 Bert, any idea about what can be the problem? And you know how can we add
 the journal button in the file dialog? (I don't know if there are more
 differences in the ScratchXO image)

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