#12067 BLOC 4-firmw: OFW for XO-4 needs to support multiple memory sizes

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Mon Aug 27 23:11:00 EDT 2012

#12067: OFW for XO-4 needs to support multiple memory sizes
 Reporter:  wad                  |                 Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com
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Component:  ofw - open firmware  |               Version:  4-A2             
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 By B1, we will have multiple amounts of memory populated onto the XO-4
 motherboards.   There will be boards with 1GB and 2GB of memory, indicated
 by the value of the MEM_SZ[1:0].

 1 GB - GPIO1 is 0, and GPIO0 is 0;  2GB - GPIO1 is 0, and GPIO0 is 1.
 Other values are currently undefined.

 The current timing values should be good for 2GB of memory (4Gb parts).
 For the 1GB memory size (2Gb parts), I recommend changing:

  Offset Value
  10 d0001
  20 42430
  84 64660404

 The interleave will also have to be set to 512 MB or smaller when using a
 1GB memory size.

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