#12058 NORM 13.1.0: mock.laptop.org needs disk space for F18

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Tue Aug 21 13:10:06 EDT 2012

#12058: mock.laptop.org needs disk space for F18
 Reporter:  dsd             |                 Owner:  cjb          
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 Priority:  normal          |             Milestone:  13.1.0       
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 For when we freeze packages for 13.1.0 (currently scheduled for November
 8th) we will need to mirror F18 on mock.laptop.org. For F17 this required
 124GB (arm + x86 + SRPMS).

 There is currently only 58GB free.

 59GB could be freed up if we decide we can archive these old repos
 3.8G    local.update1/
 104K    local.ship2/
 8.5G    local.8.2
 447M    local.8.2.1
 2.6G    koji.dist-olpc2
 44G     koji.dist-olpc3-testing
 108K    koji.dist-olpc3-updates
 104K    koji.olpc2-ship2
 108K    koji.olpc2-update1
 59G     total

 Still probably not enough. We could also move F11 to archives to free
 another 175GB:

 9.0G    local.10.1
 35M     local.10.1.1
 815M    local.10.1.1-xo1.5
 30M     local.10.1.2
 510M    local.10.1.2-xo1
 366M    local.10.1.2-xo1.5
 154M    local.10.1.3
 73M     local.10.1.3-xo1
 77M     local.10.1.3-xo1.5
 108K    local.10.1-xo1.5
 66G     koji.dist-f11
 67G     koji.dist-f11-updates
 33G     koji.dist-f11-updates-10.1.1
 104K    koji.dist-f11-updates-10.1.2
 175G    total

 Alternatively, a disk capacity upgrade would keep us going for another
 couple of years. (it currently uses 2 300GB disks in a RAID0 to provide
 about 550GB usable space).

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