#12039 NORM Not Tri: Botched resume +X on XO-1.5

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Thu Aug 9 16:23:49 EDT 2012

#12039: Botched resume +X on XO-1.5
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Comment(by dsd):

 That hang was a memory leak, hitting death after a certain number of
 suspends. Fixed in 2.6.37 by a commit titled "viafb: fix hardware
 acceleration for suspend & resume"

 Tested 2.6.35 without viafb compiled in; it also crashes.

 So the conclusion from the 2.6.35 tests seems to indicate that the +X
 crash case is present in the system "by default", but gets fixed by viafb
 when enabled *and* configured especially for the XO screen.

 Vanilla 2.6.37 with correctly configured viafb doesn't seem to crash.
 Vanilla 3.3 does (and now auto-configured viafb based on detecting the
 XO-1.5). Will start a bisection here.

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