#12043 NORM Not Tri: 12.1.0 build 19 wedges on my XO-1.5

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Wed Aug 8 16:01:25 EDT 2012

#12043: 12.1.0 build 19 wedges on my XO-1.5
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 installed 12.1.0 build 19 on my XO-1.5 yesterday, and didn't do much but
 bring it up on the Twine office "olpc" ssid and start up sshd.

 Today I'm 2 for 2 wedgeups:  before I managed to type anything on the
 serial line or interact with it using the mouse and/or keyboard, it wedged
 up.   Battery light green, power light green, screen backlight still on,
 sugar interface visible, etc... but no mouse movement, no response from
 keyboard, no response to typing on serial console.

 I asked for help on irc and did manage to do a SysRq T and I'll attach all
 the serial console output from initial boot to the SysRq T.

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