#11822 NORM 12.1.0: Add DisplayLink (USBVGA) support

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Mon Apr 30 22:22:55 EDT 2012

#11822: Add DisplayLink (USBVGA) support
           Reporter:  martin.langhoff  |       Owner:  martin.langhoff
               Type:  enhancement      |      Status:  new            
           Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  12.1.0         
          Component:  x window system  |     Version:  not specified  
         Resolution:                   |    Keywords:                 
        Next_action:  package          |    Verified:  0              
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Comment(by martin.langhoff):

 XO 1.75 boot times, from pwr btn to XO-icon+Journal icon appearance. Best
 of 3:

  * with sleep 3: 39.3s
  * no sleep: 37.4

 With a bit more work, I've found that as you suspected /sys gets updated
 immediately, so making the sleep conditional on spotting something under
 sys is a win.

 IIRC, there's a construct in bash that allows you to collect your children
 before you exit. This would make it safe to parallelize things within
 olpc-configure, yet wait for all subprocesses to complete before it exits.

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