#11824 NORM 12.1.0: CONFIG_NO_HZ seems to interfere with idle time accounting

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#11824: CONFIG_NO_HZ seems to interfere with idle time accounting
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 on a (fairly) idle XO-1.75, run "top", and observe the %id field, which is
 an indication of cpu idleness.

 with not much happening on the laptop, the idle percentage will often dip
 to 60% or 50%.  these values (anything less than 85% idle) can keep the
 system from being suspended by powerd's idleness heuristic.

 adding nohz=off to the kernel cmdline, and re-running the test, shows more
 reasonable idles times in the 90% range.

 this seems to be an issue only on 1.75, so presumably is ARM-related.

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