#11774 NORM Not Tri: Workaround libertas limitations on reported APs per scans

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Thu Apr 12 14:50:14 EDT 2012

#11774: Workaround libertas limitations on reported APs per scans
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 The libertas driver is believed to be returning fewer APs per scan than
 other wireless cards' drivers.

 If Sugar does not see the desired AP on the first scan returned, it then
 defaults to ad-hoc/mesh usage.  But in busy urban environments it may take
 a few scans to detect if the desired AP is present.

 Due to the Libertas driver resetting itself due to timeouts in for XO-1.5, I am running into
 this a lot today.  Every time the wireless card is reset the entire AP
 list is reset.

 To workaround this, we should run multiple wireless scans if none of our
 "favorite" APs are seen in the first scan of APs in the area, and perhaps
 even in that case as well.  We should also run multiple scans every time
 we believe the list of APs is extremely stale.

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