#11268 NORM 1.75-so: XO-1.75 os6 yum install fails

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#11268: XO-1.75 os6 yum install fails
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Comment(by pbrobinson):

 Please, facts only:

 >  * we use the Fedora distribution and infrastructure, including package
 building, repository construction, and hosting, so anytime they have a
 hiccup in those, we stall, either in our own builds or our own use of yum,

 How would that be any different with any other distro.

 >  * some of the Fedora hosting services have been unavailable recently,
 and because the cause of the current outage is "security" related, it is
 difficult to get useful information on the expected duration,

 There has been no security compromise of Fedora infrastructure. The issue
 is with kernel.org and has been widely publicised.

 >  * some contributors and developers (such as I) have mistakenly assumed
 that the problems are build specific, since they are often discovered
 after fs-update, and when the problems have been raised nobody has clearly
 advised that the problems are build independent,

 Every time I've seen it come up on list I've directly pointed it out. TBH
 I never expected kernel.org to be down for this long!

 >  * the yum command or repo configuration in our builds is delicate and
 sensitive to occasional outages, with no clear advice given by yum to the
 user on how to compensate,

 The repo configuration in out builds is the same as for upstream Fedora.
 The issue is with the distinct lack of mirrors for the secondary arches.

 >  * there is no GUI provided as there is in Ubuntu, (synaptic),

 There is a GUI. Its part of the gnome-packagekit package and you can run
 it from a command line with gpk-application. Its not included in the XO
 builds, I suggest if you want it to open a ticket and request it.

 >  * there is no download source manipulation GUI such as is found in

 gnome-packagekit does that. The exact binary is gpk-prefs

 > I don't know how to fix this.

 The repo problem will be resolved once the kernel.org mirrors are back.
 Fedora is not the only group that are having issues due to this. The GUI
 components should have a ticket filed and a decision made rather than
 bringing it up in a completely unrelated ticket.

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