#11302 NORM 11.3.0: 11.3.0 activity updates for translations

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#11302: 11.3.0 activity updates for translations
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Comment(by manuq):

 Tested in build 882:

 Updated translations only:

 Ruler 13: string "Use this ruler from the outside edge of the computer" is
 not translated in Spanish.

 Stopwatch 12: the activity name is CronóMetro but it should be Cronómetro.

 Minor fixes with translation updates:

 Finance: "Next Year" must be "Año siguiente", not "Siguiente Año".  The
 same for "Previous Year", should be "Año anterior", not "Anterior Año".
 And also "This Year" should be "Este año", not "Esto Año".

 Measure 34: is not translated to Spanish

 Terminal 35: Several strings are not translated to Spanish, "Become Root",
 and everything in the View and Tabs subtoolbars.

 Major translation updates:

 Image Viewer 18: is not translated to Spanish

 Clock and Help are not in the list, but the activitie's name aren't
 translated to Spanish also.

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