#11319 NORM Not Tri: Scratch need libv4l-devel package

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#11319: Scratch need libv4l-devel package
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Comment(by dsd):

 Yes, removing the compile-time link against libv4l2 is one of the steps
 needed if you are to get things to work as you have described above.

 However, there is still one problem after that. Scratch calls dlopen() on
 "libv4l2.so" however installing the libv4l2 package on
 Fedora/Ubuntu/openSUSE/etc will *not* result in a file existing with that
 name. A symlink named "libv4l2.so" does appear if you install the libv4l
 development package on those distros, which additionally installs
 development tools and headers, as well as development tools and headers
 for libv4l2's dependencies.

 So in addition to removing the compile-time link against libv4l2, I
 suspect you also mean to dlopen libv4l2.so.0, which is the name of the
 library as installed by libtool and as shipped on all major distros.

 Any chance these changes could be made in the Scratch svn repository

 Thanks for your help.

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