#11343 NORM Not Tri: Terminal crash from USB mount working directory

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Sun Oct 16 16:11:26 EDT 2011

#11343: Terminal crash from USB mount working directory
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Component:  not assigned  |               Version:  1.75-B1    
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 Observed on XO-1.75 with os881

 I had just downloaded an image .iso file using wget in the USB device
 mount point directory. I then attempted an md5sum command on the file. The
 Terminal session dissappeared after some time (perhaps near the end of the
 process). Relaunching Terminal had no history of the session.

 Launching Log allowed me to collect the attached collection of logs (but
 failed to complete its launch as there is a flashing Log icon in the upper
 Frame with the 'Starting...' label; next to it is a dark circle icon with
 the Log palette)

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