#11164 NORM 1.75-ha: Darfon power supply tripped?

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Tue Oct 11 23:34:44 EDT 2011

#11164: Darfon power supply tripped?
           Reporter:  tonyforster  |       Owner:  wad          
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           Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  1.75-hardware
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Comment(by tonyforster):

 I have a variac, so the charger and laptop are out in the shed on 278V, we
 will see what happens.

 This is only one charger so this may not be significant, I may be just
 unlucky to get a dud charger. However if the Darfon charger is more likely
 to trip out with bad voltage regulation, it will cause a lot of problems
 in the target market.

 Though the distribution code allows +50% for 10 seconds, I doubt that I
 have been getting >260V overnight.

 The problem is more likely to be the crowbar tripping and this would
 probably result from switching transients more than overvoltages.

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