#11164 NORM 1.75-ha: Darfon power supply tripped?

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#11164: Darfon power supply tripped?
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Comment(by Quozl):

 I think the Australian standard is now 230V, having changed in the past
 ten years, but the labelling and marketing remains 240V, and the permitted
 range before correction is something like 225V to 245V.  I've rotated
 through about seven of the Darfon supplies and haven't seen them trip yet.
 Voltage at the moment is 247V, but I've seen it between 235V and 252V.
 Same country as Tony, but in an undeveloped area, with a dedicated rural
 11kV to 240V transformer 200m from me.  I had the transformer secondary
 tap moved a few years ago by the supplier to drop my line voltage from an
 observed 265V during low load season (when air conditioners and heaters
 are not required).  This is the low load season at the moment.

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