#11322 HIGH 11.3.0: os880; XO-1 fails to reconnect after suspend

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Tue Oct 11 00:57:25 EDT 2011

#11322: os880; XO-1 fails to reconnect after suspend
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           Priority:  high          |   Milestone:  11.3.0       
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Comment(by mavrothal):

 Fail: Immediately after power-button wakeup the initial wifi scan gets the
 3 mesh points and 1-2 (of 10 or more available in my area) APs, but not
 the "preferred" one.[[BR]]
 ~45sec latter the next scan gets all the APs, including the preferred one
 marked as such, but does not auto connect.[[BR]]
 Letting try for >10min does not change things.[[BR]]
 Selecting "connect" from the neighborhood view, reconnects

 I believe that 11.2.0 would auto reconnect when the preferred AP was

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