#10417 NORM Future : Enable Synaptics mode for CL1A/CL1B/CL1C touchpad

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#10417: Enable Synaptics mode for CL1A/CL1B/CL1C touchpad
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Comment(by dsd):

 Their reply is that there is no way to turn off this continuous
 transmission without going back to relative mode.

 In the interests of power saving and so on, I am thinking that relative
 mode is probably more appropriate for us (and our Synaptics contact hinted
 the same). I think this transmission behaviour change is good
 justification for relative mode support to be added to the synaptics
 driver upstream in Linux, which would allow us to drive the mouse in
 relative mode but still be able to disable tap-to-click through standard

 However, I still think this EC issue is worth looking into if you can
 spare the time. Running the device at half rate in absolute mode causes
 6*40=240 bytes of incoming data per second, which is exactly the same as
 if we run at full rate in relative mode (3*80=240), and is less data than
 we will now receive for AVC pads (4*80=320). So if 240bytes/sec from the
 mouse can starve the keyboard, then it is possible that we may also have
 problems in our other configurations. (btw, i have confirmed that running
 absolute mode at half rate has the same keyboard-starving effect that you
 saw with full rate)

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