#10417 NORM Future : Enable Synaptics mode for CL1A/CL1B/CL1C touchpad

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#10417: Enable Synaptics mode for CL1A/CL1B/CL1C touchpad
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 Page 21 of the synaptics specs says:

   In Absolute mode, the TouchPad reports packets continuously at the
 specified packet rate, either full or half speed, whenever the finger is
 on or near the pad. (Specifically, the TouchPad begins sending packets
 when Z is 8 or more.) The TouchPad also begins sending packets whenever
 any button is pressed or released. Once the TouchPad begins transmitting,
 it continues to send packets for one second after Z falls below 8 and the
 buttons stop changing. The TouchPad does this partly to allow host
 software to use the packet stream as a time base for gesture decoding, and
 also to minimize the impact if the system occasionally drops a packet.


 I will email them to see if any simple behaviour change is possible.
 Nothing is hinted in the specs.

 It is possible to switch the mouse into half-rate mode which may help you
 with debugging (and I think would be sensible for us to do anyway).
 echo -n 40 > /sys/bus/serio/drivers/psmouse/serio*/rate

 valid values are 40 and 80, 80 is the default.

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