#11425 NORM Not Tri: Need a secure field mechanism for setting RTC

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#11425: Need a secure field mechanism for setting RTC
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Comment(by Quozl):

 Yes, it is possible, but not in current OpenFirmware version, to associate
 to an AP given a prefix.  This is yet to be implemented.

 Meanwhile, with current version, you can provide a list of SSIDs to be
 tried, and they will be tried in order until one works.  Disadvantage of
 this method is that each SSID must be listed, which may be impractical for
 a large deployment.

 \ OLPC Boot script to set RTC via NTP
 : deployment-ssids "
 ' deployment-ssids to default-ssids

 ok ntp-set-clock
 Scan for: schoolXX-1 failed
 Scan for: schoolXX-2 failed
 Scan for: schoolXX-3 failed
 Scan for: schoolXY-1 failed
 Scan for: schoolXY-2 failed
 Scan for: schoolXY-3 failed
 Scan for: OLPCOFW found
 Associate with: OLPCOFW
 DHCP got
 2011-11-21 02:20:21 UTC

 The following code fragment may be added to olpc.fth to set the SSID to
 the last scanned SSID that matches a prefix "school*".  This works for me,
 but may not work where there are more networks that fit into the scan

 \ OLPC Boot script to set RTC via NTP using access point prefix.
 : prefix$  " school"  ;

 d# 34 buffer: an-ssid
 : an-ssid0  ( -- )        0 an-ssid c!  ;
 : an-ssid!  ( ssid$ -- )  d# 32 min  an-ssid pack drop  ;
 : an-ssid@  ( -- ssid$ )  an-ssid count  ;

 dev /supplicant
 : capture-ssid  ( ssid$ -- )
    \ test for hidden access point, first byte of essid is zero
    over c@  if          ( ssid$ )
       prefix$           ( ssid$ ssid$ prefix$ )
       rot drop comp     ( ssid$ comparison )
       0= if
          \ a match by prefix, capture the ssid for re-use
          2dup an-ssid!
    then                 ( ssid$ )
    type                 ( )
 patch capture-ssid type .ie-short

 scan-wifi an-ssid@ $essid

 Also, if a USB to ethernet adapter is used, then no SSID is required.

 Relates to #11230, request for a test that would scan for any open SSID.

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