#11474 NORM Not Tri: save-mfg-data difficulties on XO-1.5

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Thu Nov 17 12:02:40 EST 2011

#11474: save-mfg-data difficulties on XO-1.5
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 In the context of training the Nicaraguan team to do motherboard
 replacements, we need to transfer manufacturing data from known good
 laptops to the replacement motherboards. save-mfg-data is presenting some
 difficulties here.

 Reproduced on XO-1.5 with Q3B13 and Q3B23.

 Firstly, because it uses disk:\ rather than u:\, the USB disk must be
 connected before the system is turned on. Using u:\ would be a little
 nicer for these users.

 Secondly, the bigger issue is that it doesnt work, fails with "spi!
 <-deferred word not initialized" and creates a 0 byte file.

 Mitch identified a workaround: flash-open save-mfg-data flash-close

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