#11470 HIGH 1.75-so: 1.75 needs better Audio S/R support

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Wed Nov 16 14:35:11 EST 2011

#11470: 1.75 needs better Audio S/R support
 Reporter:  greenfeld  |                 Owner:                                   
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 Priority:  high       |             Milestone:  1.75-software                    
Component:  kernel     |               Version:  Development build as of this date
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 1. Start the Speak activity on 11.3.1 os11 on an XO 1.75.
  2. Type something and verify Speak can speak it aloud.
  3. Wait until the XO goes idle suspend (which it will unless you have
 disabled this).
  4. Wake up the XO by touching a key.
  5. Attempt to have Speak say something again.  The Speak activity will
 hang.  On an XO-1.5 with 11.3.0 this hang does not occur.

 Interestingly, Speak only seems to hang if it was kept turned on during a
 suspend/resume cycle.  Starting it after a few idle suspend cycles have
 occurred does not lead to it immediately hanging.

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