#11438 HIGH 1.75-so: XO-1.75 hangs while resuming

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#11438: XO-1.75 hangs while resuming
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 On some XO-1.75 SKUs (notably C1 SKU201 and B1 SKU 1B2), laptops sometimes
 fail to resume.   On C1 laptops, the symptom is that it is stuck w. the
 power LED turned on constantly, the screen is dark, and there is no
 response to key presses, touchpad events, power/rotate button, or serial

 On B1 laptops, the same symptoms occur, but with the power LED left
 blinking (indicating suspend).

 This has been verified most recently while running OS10, w. Q4C04

 There is usually no serial output from the console when this crash

 Looking at battery power consumption, these laptops are consuming 1.5W
 (1.46, 1.52) while crashed.

 A log from a marginal case (probably this bug) is attached.   It is
 indicating instruction stream corruption.

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