#11436 NORM 1.75-ha: XO-1.75 runin battery discharge characterisation

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#11436: XO-1.75 runin battery discharge characterisation
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Comment(by Quozl):

 For XO-1.75, runin-battery 0.15.0 through 0.16.0 has a 15% maximum
 discharge limit, and 20% minimum charge limit.

 According to Chia-Hsiu, on os10 (0.15.0), discharge for one hour decreases
 state of charge by 19%.  On previous builds, the decrease was 24%.

 Charge cycle for one hour increases state of charge from 81% to 96%, which
 is less than the 20% charge threshold, and so the test fails.

 The change in behaviour is due to suspend and resume introduced in os10's

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