#11391 HIGH Not Tri: X crashes on XO-1.75 after many suspend/resumes

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Mon Nov 7 15:48:10 EST 2011

#11391: X crashes on XO-1.75 after many suspend/resumes
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 I had a number of laptops running suspend/resume over the weekend.  Almost
 all (all ?) of them stopped suspending/resuming, but I was able to get in
 over a serial port.   They all had the same message from X in dmesg.

 They were a mix of XO-1.75s, (B1, C1) running OS883, with Mitch's
 suspend/resume kernel zImage3.  OFW was Q4C03ma.   The kernel command line
 had no_console_suspend in it.

 Each laptop was booted into X, they probably were not associated w. an
 access point, and the "dortc" script was started from a VT.

 Logs are attached.

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