#11384 NORM 12.1.0: x86 3.1 kernel: no wakeup reason support

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Mon Nov 7 12:24:42 EST 2011

#11384: x86 3.1 kernel: no wakeup reason support
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 sysfs nodes that explain the reason for system wakeup won't be upstreamed
 right now and are not present in x86-3.1. Firstly, the XO-1.5 one is
 complex (unless you include nasty hacks) and could maybe be done by ACPI
 in a nicer way. Secondly, upstream seem to be heading in the direction
 that "wakeup events" are considered regardless of system state (asleep or
 awake). Therefore there should be no need for this. The system should wake
 up and see that the mouse was moved via regular userspace events,
 therefore know not to sleep for a while.

 This idea needs more exploration and discussion. It may make sense to hack
 in the old wakeup reason patches for now. Paul has been exploring the "no
 wakeup reason needed" direction in the mean time.

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