#11383 NORM 12.1.0: x86 3.1 kernel: disable synaptics tap-to-click

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Mon Nov 7 12:23:06 EST 2011

#11383: x86 3.1 kernel: disable synaptics tap-to-click
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 We want to disable tap-to-click on the synaptics touchpad. We have a hack
 patch in olpc-2.6.35 for this, but we should continue hammering at the
 upstreamable approach: the Absolute mode enabled by the synaptics driver
 has been deemed unsuitable (it generates huge amounts of traffic, by
 design, and actually overloads the EC). So we should enable relative mode
 as an option in the synaptics driver, at the same time exposing tap-to-
 click control.


 After that gets accepted, the synaptics driver will need to be modified to
 remove the XO-1.5 blacklist entry (which was added due to the EC

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