#11377 HIGH Not Tri: Switching runlevels crashes XO-1.75 running os883 plus

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Wed Nov 2 23:09:57 EDT 2011

#11377: Switching runlevels crashes XO-1.75 running os883 plus
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Component:  kernel             |               Version:  1.75-B1    
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 On both a B1 and a C1 laptop configured with OS883 (4GB and 8GB images)
 and a special kernel (release candidate for os25/884)
 3.0.0_xo1.75-20111102.1634.olpc.ac8f3cee obtained from Martin, the laptop
 freezes up if init 3 is typed in vt.

 The laptops had Q4C03 OFW w. EC 0.3.03 firmware installed.

 The last message printed on the vt is:
  olpc-kbdshim-udev: timers changed to 180 420 999999994

 The last message printed on the serial console is:

  [ 1150.497289] init: system-setup-keyboard main process (578) killed by
 TERM signal

  [ 1150.659382] irq disable 8

  [ 1150.690717] irq enable 8

  [ 1150.703898] irq disable 8

 Both the keyboard and the serial console are unresponsive after this

 If I instead change runlevels by typing "init 3" into the serial console,
 the laptop changes runlevel without hanging.

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