#11363 NORM 1.75-so: XO-1.75 mouse sometimes unusable on boot

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#11363: XO-1.75 mouse sometimes unusable on boot
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Comment(by avatar):

 log-wo-rcd.txt is another failure case I was running into.  It turns out
 that the SoC didn't respond to PS/2 commands.  For example, the 0xe9
 command at 8.107605 never got response when compared with 8.030017, which
 received reply within 10ms.

   The same failure repeated again since 208.106654(when fsp_onpad_vscr()
 was invoked). Even worse, the subsequent 0xf3 command initiated by
 psmouse_set_rate(808.163444) caused another timeout in olpc_keyboard.c.

   OTOH, there's a stray 0xfa at 812.308753, which probably is the response
 to the timed out 0xf4 sent at 811.256076; however, psmouse.c already
 considered there's an 'enable mouse failure' at 812.246668.

   According to various logs I've read, it looks to me that SoC somehow
 delayed or never replied to command sometimes(heavy load perhaps?). I
 suspect this could be related to the lost of control described in
 ticket/11357 as FSP wasn't initialised correctly or being took down by the
 0xf5 command since certain command packet such like 0xf4 never reached to

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