#11543 NORM 1.75-so: Keyboard input out of sync / queued

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#11543: Keyboard input out of sync / queued
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 Just got OS19 + Q4C07, SKU 202, into a very strange condition.

 Booted to Sugar, opened Terminal, and discovered that by pressing up-arrow
 twice, with about .5 between key presses, I would get: first one step back
 in bash history (on first keypress), then a fast scroll up over a dozen or
 so bash history entries on the second keypress.

 With echo 9 >  /proc/sys/kernel/printk ; echo 1 >
 /sys/module/olpc_keyboard/parameters/debug and dsd's help looking at this,
 we found that we'd get E0 48 (up arrow key down) on first keypress, then
 e0 C8 (up arrow key up) on the second one. So the host thinks the key is

 Once in that state, something seemed to be buffering keys, and releasing
 them after a few more keystrokes. We say up to around 8 key presses

 We saw the same effect in a VT.

 CC'ing Mitch, because this could be related buffering at the SP.

 There is no "preserve wakeup keypress ECO" on this unit.

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