#11523 NORM 1.75-so: 1.75 breaks into OFW due to mouse activity

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Mon Dec 5 13:29:44 EST 2011

#11523: 1.75 breaks into OFW due to mouse activity
 Reporter:  greenfeld            |                 Owner:  wmb at firmworks.com                
     Type:  defect               |                Status:  new                              
 Priority:  normal               |             Milestone:  1.75-software                    
Component:  ofw - open firmware  |               Version:  Development build as of this date
 Keywords:                       |           Next_action:  diagnose                         
 Verified:  0                    |   Deployment_affected:                                   
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 With Q4C07/EC 0.3.06, I had a SKU202 laptop breaking into OpenFirmware via
 mouse movements.  This behavior was 100% reproducible for a while but
 seems to have since stopped.

  0. Upgrade the XO from Q4C06 to Q4C07 by installing os18.
  1. Reboot the XO; do some stuff in os18 for a while then reboot.
  2. Move your finger in circles on the touchpad; you will get an open
 firmware prompt with some random gibberish.
  3. If you are lucky rebooting and repeating the movement will get you
 into OFW again.

 The XO in question seems to have an AVC touchpad, although initializing
 the touchpad for X windows seems to often be broken, especially when doing
 this test.

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