#11513 NORM Not Tri: XO-1.75 Power LED remains on on shutdown

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#11513: XO-1.75 Power LED remains on on shutdown
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 Observed on os15 with XO-1.75 SN SHC1290000E

 Power charger was plugged in; battery LED green; shutdown from Home view
 central hover palette; saw graphic UL warnings, then dark screen;
 disconnected power cable and USB mouse cable.

 The power LED remained lit; let XO sit for about an hour, no change, LED
 still lit.

 Touching the power button failed to start the laptop; press and hold for
 ~5 s initiated startup (power cable was connected); battery LED now
 orange, Frame device indicated 84 % charge.

 Repeated the shutdown procedure: This time the power LED remained on until
 the power cable was disconnected.

 Startup again: Log files collected; Repeated the above shutdown sequence;
 power LED flashes ~3 times and shuts off after the screen goes black (I
 think the 3 flashes also occurred just before the previous shutdown [on
 cable disconnect], but not on the first shutdown.)

 Startup again: no change from last cycle.

 Startup again: Noticed that the 3 flashes were delayed for 5-10 seconds
 after the screen went dark (a much longer delay than the previous

 In the original problem shutdown, the power cable and USB cable were
 immediately removed after the screen went dark.

 Startup again; shutdown as before removing power cable immediately on
 screen dark but power LED was already flashing and then was off.

 Repeat above 3 times.

 Startup again; shutdown as before but removed power cable during UL
 warning display. Power LED remained on while I wrote this paragraph;
 looking back at the XO, it is now off.

 Repeated above cycle; Power LED remained on ~10 s, then flashed and turned

 Repeated above cycle; collected the later Log set; power LED flashed and
 turned off after 1-2 seconds.

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